Pride Cross Stitch Patterns Celebrating the Beauty of Math

Last updated on October 7th, 2023

These pride cross stitch patterns represent my love of mathematics. And my queer identity. I identify as Non-Binary and Bi-Romantic Demisexual. I am also questioning if I should consider myself Aromantic. Weird, I know, to still question your identity in your forties.

What you need to know is that these are all labels. They only matter to the extent they help you express yourself. It might be that no label represents your experiences. When I was doing research on Asexuality, I saw this beautiful and vibrant culture. I had to learn a whole new vocabulary and slang. It is helpful in understanding myself better.

Shout out to all the lovely Aro-Ace people!

The Most Beautiful Equation for the Most Beautiful People

It is important to me to celebrate my math identity and my queer identity. That is what these pride cross stitch patterns are about. I figure that there are other people out there like me who hold both these identities dearly. I was ecstatic when I learned about the Aces in STEM Discord. You should contact Sarah Cosgriff to be added.

The pride cross stitch patterns feature the Euler Identity. Widely considered the most beautiful equation in mathematics. It combines many fundamental things in math and relates them to each other.

Euler Identity, e raised to the i pi added to one equals zero

There is e which represents continuous growth and is the base of the natural logarithm. There is i which represents imaginary numbers. There is pi which appears in many places in mathematics. There is one which is the multiplicative identity. Lastly, it includes zero, one of the most important numbers in mathematics. (Zero is my hero)

A beautiful equation should represent beautiful people. It is an extension of my thinking of making math personally meaningful to people. These pride cross stitch patterns are enjoyable without knowing anything about mathematics. But hey, since I explained it to you, then you’ll be in the know!

Pride Cross Stitch Patterns

Here they are in alphabetical order.


Euler Identity in the colors of the Agender Pride flag



Euler Identity in the colors of the Aromantic Pride flag



Euler Identity in the colors of the Asexual Pride flag



Euler Identity in the colors of the Bisexual Pride flag



Euler Identity in the colors of the Lesbian Pride flag



Euler Identity in the colors of the LGBTQIA+ Pride flag



Euler Identity in the colors of the Non-Binary Pride flag



Euler Identity in the colors of the Pansexual Pride flag



Euler Identity in the colors of the Progress Pride flag



Euler Identity in the colors of the Transgender Pride flag


Here are all the DMC floss for each pride flag. Handy if you want to make your own patterns! Send me an email if you want me to include more identities in these pride cross stitch patterns. All my patterns including amicable numbers, dozenal, and the taxicab number are available on my downloads page.

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