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A Writer's Illicit Love Affair With Mathematics
Discover a writer's unique love affair with mathematics. Overcoming struggles with math anxiety, a failing grade and familial pressure, this writer leans on their love of language to find their way to a love of numbers.
The notation sigma in multiple shades of blue on a white background
Math Communications as Rebellion
Explore the power of math communication as a form of rebellion, overcoming trauma, and fostering a supportive community. Uncover the importance of math communication and the potential it holds for transforming lives.
Tiramisu, a coffee flavoried dessert, as a pie decorated with the Pi symbol for Pi day.
Turn Math Anxiety Into Awe Improving Your Health for Pi Day
Awe is unique because it transforms fear into personal growth. In this way, math-anxious people can also enjoy Pi Day.
The mathematical notation for sigma in pink and green on a white background
What Math Anxiety Feels Like
Discover what it feels like to experience math anxiety and the societal consequences it can have on both those who love math and those who struggle with it. This blog explores personal experiences with math anxiety.
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