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The symbol for the angle in color of pink, blue, and green on a white background.

10 Question Interview With Bernhard Werner

An interview with mathematcian Bernhard Werner who publishes videos about math.

The math symbol theta in colors of blue on white background

10 Question Interview With Colin Beveridge

New series of 10 question interviews with members of the math community.

A complete set of Table Top Roleplaying dice.

10 Videos That Show the Secrets of Dice

Critical Role, Dimesion 20, and other actual play shows all show the power of dice. Here are their secrets.

The notation for an angle in colors of blue on a white background

15 Creative Mathematical Cross Stitch Patterns for Math & Science Enthusiasts

Discover 15 math-inspired cross stitch patterns in this post. Enjoy expressing your passion for science or exploring a new hobby with these fun designs. With simple tutorials and beautiful patterns, this is a great way to unwind and stay occupied during uncertain times.

The night sky has streaks of light from a time-lapse photograph.

A Trip to Infinity Netflix Documentary Streaming Now

Discover the mysteries of infinity with "A Trip to Infinity," a captivating infinity documentary now available on Netflix. Explore the limits of our understanding of the universe and expand your knowledge with this thought-provoking film.

A series of hearts in a representation of the richter scale

A Valentine for Mathematics

Attempting to describe the ways that mathematics touches our hearts. Or the author's specficallly.