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Love & Mathematics Music Playlist

A long time ago now, I made a mix tape for a mathematician that only included mathematically related songs. I didn’t keep a copy of that mix unfortunately. I’ve tried to recreate it on Spotify. This list includes more than the original though as I’ve added some new songs over time as well as included songs not on the original mix.

Trigger Warning: Abuse

Table of Contents

Ten Years of Numberphile

Numberphile just reached its tenth anniversary on November 11th, 2021. I can’t believe that I’ve been watching this show for close to a decade. I wasn’t there at the beginning. I didn’t catch on to it until 2012 and officially became a fan after watching the 12-12-12 video on Dozenal

They did a classic Numberphile episode on the number 10 to celebrate the occasion. This led to a discussion on friendly numbers. 

A Correction

I was recently featured on a podcast called Alone Together. This podcast is all about the meaning of loneliness as inspired by the pandemic. You see, there was a psychologist who studied the physiological impact of loneliness on the mind and body. It can be surprisingly damaging. I was super psyched to be interviewed for an episode on mathematics.