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Hearts on a blurry background
A Writer's Illicit Love Affair With Mathematics
Discover a writer's unique love affair with mathematics. Overcoming struggles with math anxiety, a failing grade and familial pressure, this writer leans on their love of language to find their way to a love of numbers.
The mathematical  symbol for a named angle in pink and green on a white bacground.
Join Me in Watching the 24 Hour Maths Stream About Math Games
Discover how math games spark a love for mathematics in this recap of the 24-hour math stream for charity. Explore the benefits of various math games showcased by some presenters from Numberphile
The night sky has streaks of light from a time-lapse photograph.
A Trip to Infinity Netflix Documentary Streaming Now
Discover the mysteries of infinity with "A Trip to Infinity," a captivating infinity documentary now available on Netflix. Explore the limits of our understanding of the universe and expand your knowledge with this thought-provoking film.
The number e in blue colors on a white background
One is the Loneliest Number or Why Harry Nilsson is the Best
Discover why Harry Nilsson is one of the most talented songwriters you’ve probably never heard of in this blog on "One" by Harry Nilsson. From his hit cover of Everybody’s Talkin' to his friendship with The Beatles, learn about the fascinating life and music of this underrated artist.
The math symbol for the angle  in colors of pink and green on a white background
25 Math Love Songs and Other Mathematically Themed Videos
Discover a compilation of math love songs and those about mathematical terms with this music playlist. This mixtape is perfect for anyone who loves both numbers and music.
The math symbol e in colors of blue on white background
My Favorite Video from Every Year of Numberphile
Discover the top 10 must-see Numberphile videos! From mind-bending math puzzles to fascinating number theories, these videos are sure to spark your curiosity and ignite your love for creative problem-solving.
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