On Writing about Mathematics and Rethinking G.H. Hardy

Early on, I wrote about G.H. Hardy reflecting on some quotes. In the first piece, I talk about is it better to burn out or fade away. Remarking that Hardy would not like me because I meandered and have not accomplished much in my life of any importance. He liked exceptional people and I don’t know if I fit that bill. In another piece, I talk about another famous quote from Hardy on genuine talent. Also surmising that Hardy would not like me because I have no real talent for mathematics yet I pursue it earnestly.

The thing is, I am wrong on both accounts.

I do have a talent that I have pursued my whole life, storytelling.

 The Birth of a Writer

I had a discussion with my mother the other day about my writing talents. She told me that when I was very young that I would create drawings and tell stories about them.

I remember one of my proudest moments came in third grade. We had to write a mystery using characters from Mother Goose characters. Mine was titled “The Cracked Case of Humpty Dumpty.” It was a murder mystery. I had typed it up on our Apple computer back in the day when we used hard disks that could only hold a few megabytes.

I got an A and my teacher praised my writing skills.

To this day, I have saved this work as part of my keepsakes. A moment that stands out in my mind where I accomplished something extraordinary.

After that, I would write fictional stories in my spare time.

 I Even Wrote Plays

In school, I would take acting as an elective course. Perhaps surprisingly, I don’t get stage fright despite my introversion. I also give talks to large crowds without much issue. Anyways, sometimes for class, I would write my own scenes to act out. I even got to play the director in High School. I was handpicked by my drama teacher to audition for the speech and debate team. She wanted me to compete in a special narrative category.

In my youth, I was much more into writing fiction. I was chastised by my junior high writing teacher for writing Star Wars fan fiction and turning it in for credit.

Writing is in my nature and something that is precious to me. Though now, I focus on non-fiction work because I think there are so many good true stories out there that we can learn from. I really like reading about other people’s life experiences. Gaining knowledge from them and sharing that wisdom.

Writing about Mathematics

My most raw feelings are on the personal meaning that I gleam from mathematics. Over the past decade, I have made leaps and strides when it comes to my emotions. I faced so much rejection as a kid that I buried those feelings deep in my psyche. It is only through the support of friends that I moved past the trauma of my youth and healed the part of me that thought I wasn’t worthy to study mathematics.

Since then, I have returned to school to earn a BA in Mathematics. I want to spend the rest of my life writing and contemplating maths. That is why I have decided to write more for this blog. Going from writing a 1200 word post once a month to posting twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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“If a man has any genuine talent he should be ready to make almost any sacrifice in order to cultivate it to the full.”— G.H. Hardy

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