Top 5 Most Popular Posts Round Up

Hi everyone, I’ve written on this blog for more than a year now. I never acknowledged any anniversary. I started writing in 2018. I did so with much trepidation. I had picked up the URL but I didn’t know what to do with it. I often thought of passing it on to some organization. I didn’t feel qualified to write on the subject.

The truth is, I was lacking in confidence. I have the right as a person who loves math to have opinions and share them. So, I started writing in earnest about my feelings. I decided that this would not be a blog about serious mathematics. There are so many people out there contributing to the field. They all do a much better job than I could.

No instead, I wanted to talk about emotions. How mathematics makes me feel!

Why I Write

My theory is simple. Lay people for many reasons may not like or care about mathematics. They may have experienced trauma the same way that I was. Even if people can’t understand my love of math, they do understand love. So, the focus on this blog is an emotional appeal. For people to rethink their feelings about mathematics. The same way that I did in fifth grade. When I was able to push back my math anxiety and started playing games with math in my room.

In the beginning, I could only write one post a month. This is because I love talking about math so much. I was writing drafts of close to 2,000 words an had to learn how to edit myself. Now that I have more experience under my belt, I’m moving to a twice a week schedule.

I will start to branch out when I can write more effectively here. I want to start writing for lifestyle publications and spread my story to people who might fear math. I want to bring a message of hope and compassion.

That is my mission.

If you want to get involved in science communications work check out my list of 105 resources.

Top 5 Articles

The following is a list of the top five articles on Beauty of Mathematics.

1. The Surprising Truth about G.H Hardy


This article is my thesis on what I think is true about Hardy. I think that he is a misunderstood introvert. Early in the 1900s, the concept was first popularized by Carl Jung. Now it is one of the important components of the Big 5 Trait Theory of Personality. If you want to learn more about the power of introverts, read Quiet by Susan Cain.

2. Interview with Life Through a Mathematician’s Eyes


I was so fortunate that the writer Life Through a Mathematician’s Eyes agreed to this interview. We exchanged questions. I was featured on their blog.

3. A Love of Mathematics Born From Failure


This is my origin story! I talk about my failures in physics. As well as my burgeoning love of math for math’s sake.

4. 15 Creative Mathematical Cross Stitch Patterns for Science Communication and Math Enthusiasts


This one is super recent! I decided to not horde my mathematical cross stitch patterns anymore. I thought that I would sell them on Etsy. I decided that I would only sell my pride items there. So you all get to benefit now! Let me know if you ever make any items.

5. What Math Anxiety Feels Like


This is one of my important blogs as it covers my feelings of math anxiety. It is something that has never fully left me even as I pursue my math degree. I am always contending with a negative voice in my head that I can’t understand mathematics. I know it isn’t true and I’ve started fighting back more. I hope by the time I graduate that this will all be behind me.

Let me know on Twitter which is your favorite!