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  • Updated on June 14, 2021

Top 5 Posts from Search

I previously did a round up of my most viewed posts. I’ve noticed some posts are very popular in organic search. These are the most popular posts from views that came from search.

  1. The Surprising Truth about G.H Hardy

I am kind of surprised that this post is so popular. I recently looked and it currently ranks on about the fourth page of Google Search. That is not great, yet this post gets the most traffic. I think it is popular because it isn’t a straight up biography or quote page. It actually provides a thesis and one that I want to do more research on. Read if you want to find out more.

2. 15 Mathematical Cross Stitch Patterns

It is no surprise to me that this post is so popular. It ranks on the first page of Google Search for mathematical themed cross stitch. I just think it is a unique niche which has enough crafters to make this post popular.

3. Everyone Hates Moral Philosophy Professors

I’m kind of surprised to see this one in the #3 spot. it isn’t well optimized for the keywords. I think this just found by fans of the Good Place. Which was one of my intentions in naming it with this title. And that is why it opens up with that clip from the show.

4. The Role of Creative Play in Mathematics

I am very surprised to see the increase of traffic for this post over the past two months. It has become my top performing post at the #1 spot on Google Search for creative play in mathematics. I even rank above scholastic which quite a feat in itself. It is a fun piece, especially if you have young children.

5. One is the Loneliest Number or Why Harry Nilsson is the Best

One of my all time favorite posts on the blog is now bringing in traffic from search. Turns out that this post is on the first page of Google “One by Harry Nilsson”. It even landed me an interview with the Alone Together podcast.