Three New Mathematical Cross Stitch Patterns

As I say in my bio, I have a mathematical muse. It seems that every few months that I get new ideas for mathematical patterns. I always want to share these new mathematical cross stitch patterns with others. Maths dovetails with so many interesting crafts like knitting, origami, or art.

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Taxicab Number

There is an infamous story about G.H. Hardy and Srinivasa Ramanujan. While Ramanujan was in the hospital, Hardy came to visit. He said that he had traveled in a taxi-cab with an unremarkable number, 1729. Ramanujan remarked that Hardy was incorrect. In fact, 1729 is the smallest number which is the sum of two cubes in two different ways.

    \[ \(1729 = 1^3 + 12^3 = 9^3 + 10^3\) \]

1729 the taxicab number mathematical cross stitch bookmark pattern

Taxicab Number (651 downloads)

The Golden Ratio

I figure since there are patterns for pi(π) and for e that the golden ratio deserved its own spotlight.

The Golden Ratio (702 downloads)

Alan Turing

I am always looking for new ways to celebrate one of my favorite mathematicians, Alan Turing. I have two patterns so far. One for his teddy bear Porgy. One representing the Enigma Machine.

The newest bookmark that I created is also Alan Turing themed.

158962555217826360000 – The number of combinations of all the possible settings for the Enigma Machine. I did steal this idea from Numberphile.

Combination of Wheels Enigma Machine Cross Stitch Pattern

Enigma Machine - Combinations of Wheels (673 downloads)

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