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The notation for sigma e in colors of pink and green on a white background
15 Creative Mathematical Cross Stitch Patterns for Math & Science Enthusiasts
Discover 15 math-inspired cross stitch patterns in this post. Enjoy expressing your passion for science or exploring a new hobby with these fun designs. With simple tutorials and beautiful patterns, this is a great way to unwind and stay occupied during uncertain times.
The mathematical notation for the angle in colors of pink and green on a white background
The Annotated Numberphile #2: First Anniversary
This essay covers the first anniversary of Numberphile. There are a total of 79 videos for over 10 hours of content. These are my personal reflections.
The mathematicall notation for sigma on a white background in the colors of pink and green.
The Annotated Numberphile #1 : The First Year
This is the first in a series about the YouTube channel Numberphile. We are revisting each year and personally annotating our favorite videos.
The symbol for pi on a chalk board surrounded by the first few digits of pi.
Join Me on the Finite Group Math Comm Discord
Finite Group is a team of math communicators well known to the community. They have launched a Discord with monthly live streams.
The Euler Identity e to the i pi equals zero.
Pride Cross Stitch Patterns Celebrating the Beauty of Math
Celebrate your love of mathematics and embrace your queer identity with these stunning pride cross stitch patterns. Featuring the most beautiful equation in math, the Euler Identity.
Tiramisu, a coffee flavoried dessert, as a pie decorated with the Pi symbol for Pi day.
Turn Math Anxiety Into Awe Improving Your Health for Pi Day
Awe is unique because it transforms fear into personal growth. In this way, math-anxious people can also enjoy Pi Day.
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