7 Improved Mathematical Cross Stitch Patterns

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My cross stitch designs started with 15 mathematical pieces published on April 1st, no joke. They were a stockpile of bookmarks that came from my imagination. A way to celebrate maths through one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve used these designs effectively in my mathematics advocacy work.

Later this year, I published three more cross stitch patterns to that collection. Including one for the taxicab number, celebrating the friendship of G.H Hardy and Ramanujan. I’ll have more on Ramanujan in an upcoming blog post for India’s National Mathematics Day (That’s December 22nd.)

There were some mathematical cross stitch patterns that I was unhappy with and have since update their design.

Pi, e, and Phi

This is the trifecta of irrational numbers. I am completely memorized by e. It is by far my favorite constant and transcendental number. I know many people feel this way about pi. I added the golden ration to the mix (phi) for good measure. As I am sure it has its own fans.

I changed two things:

  1. Each symbol is now rendered in a similar way over its own digits.
  2. I’ve made Dark Royal Blue (DMC 796) my default color for patterns.

That being said, you can use whichever colors you want. I leave that at the discretion of the maker.


Pi(π) Mathematical Cross Stitch Pattern (915 downloads)


e (677 downloads)


The Golden Ratio (602 downloads)

Enigma (Alan Turing)

This pattern is meant specifically to be worked on 14 count black aida cloth. The change to this cross stitch pattern is in the diagram. For whatever reason, the program I use doesn’t print patterns with a black background. So instead I had to make this readable on a white background. When you download the PDF just know that DMC 310 represents white thread. The completed pattern should look like the image below.

Alan Turing Mathematical Cross Stitch Enigma Pattern
Buttons of the Enigma Machine
Enigma (Alan Turing) (769 downloads)

100 Digits of Pi and e

I simply wanted to show the randomness of pi and e by doing a simple data visualization. Replacing the digits with 10 x 10 blocks of color. The original colors were random and uncoordinated. I never liked that look. I’ve converted them all to contrasting blue hues.

100 Digits of Pi

The first few digits of pi
100 digits of pi (π) (831 downloads)

100 Digits of e

The first digits of e
100 Digits of e (781 downloads)

Dozenal or Base 12

Not much has changed here just converted that default color to the Dark Royal Blue.

Counting in Dozenal
Dozenal or Base 12 (743 downloads)

Future Mathematical Cross Stitch Patterns

Look out, because I’ll some more coming up in the new year that are calculus based. This includes my favorite the Fundamental Theorems of Calculus. If you haven’t guess by my tattoo my favorite math is integrals. It is about time that I got around to them.

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