Celebrating Pi(π) Day (Mathematical Cross Stitch)

I recently made a decision in time for Pi(π) Day! I am going to make all my mathematical cross stitch patterns free for download. All except my Pride Flage Euler Identity patterns. I am reserving them for my Etsy shop. That was always my intention to sell those items for people like me who want to celebrate their queer identity and their maths/science identity. There are not a lot of items out there that do both. And beautiful people deserve to be represented by a beautiful equation. The shop is currently closed but will open in the next few months.

This is a short and sweet post today just for Pi (π) Day. Even you didn’t know, Pi(π) is a transcendental number. I recently learned the formal definition. A transcendental number is one that is not an algebraic number. Meaning that it is not the root of an integer polynomial. There is a lot more to this as it relates to the real numbers and I’m going to write up those thoughts in an upcoming blog.

But let’s get to the star of the day Pi(π)

This is a simple cross stitch pattern that I designed a few years ago. I’m making it a free download for any math enthusiast that wants to share their love via a bookmark.

To finish your bookmark, you can use this tutorial.
Optionally, you can also make a tassel. Glue it between the layers of the bookmark and felt.

Pi(π) Mathematical Cross Stitch Pattern (998 downloads)

Digits of Pi bookmark

If you are looking for more mathematical cross stitch patterns you may like this one celebrating Alan Turing.

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