10 Pi Day Projects : Mathematical Cross Stitch Patterns

The mathematics world celebrates Pi Day on 3.14! I hope you are enjoying the special day. There should be a lot of Pi mathematical content all over the web today. Traditionally, you should get yourself a slice of pie to eat.

Today, I want to offer up some Pi themed mathematical cross stitch patterns for you.

Pi Mini Stitch

I recently made this pattern for a 3 inch hoop. It is just the Greek symbol for pi. Simple and beautiful to hang around the house. A great project that will take you less than an hour.

Pi Mini (587 downloads)

Sweet as Pi

Totally cliche but I saw this on the internet and wanted to make my own version of it. This is a pattern free for download.

Sweet as 3.14 (608 downloads)

100 Digits of Pi

This pattern will take you some time to complete. It is the first 100 digits of Pi color coded as blue squares. It continues to be one of my most popular cross stitch patterns.

100 digits of pi (π) (2068 downloads)

Digits of Pi Bookmark

This is a bookmark that features the Pi symbol and the first few digits. Makes for a great gift. This is also one of the most popular cross stitch patterns on this website.

Digits of Pi bookmark
Pi(π) Mathematical Cross Stitch Pattern (2236 downloads)

Pi Cross Stitch Patterns from MathySphere

Happy Pi Day

The following patterns aren’t free. They are made by my friend on Etsy, Mathysphere! Each pattern will cost you less than $5. I think that is a pretty good deal. Make sure you check out the rest of their store. They have dinosaurs and some pride planets which are pretty neat.

Pi Day Cross Stitch Pattern

Pi Pie Cross Stitch Pattern

Pi Galaxy Cross Stitch Pattern

Pi Squared

Here is another free pattern to download this time found on Tor Rhuann. The finished design is 26 x 26 stitches.

Pi, er, Squared

Cutie Pi

This is another pattern found on Etsy. It is pretty cute and is less than $3. It features 111 digits of pi!

Cutie Pi

Pi to 304 Places

Here is another Etsy pattern for $5.00. It takes Pi out to 304 places! A nice project for someone who loves Pi. I didn’t have time to stitch this so I’m using a photo with permission from the creator, Robin Hobbs.

Pi Cross Stitch

Who loves Pi

Is Pi your favorite mathematical constant? If so, let’s celebrate pi by sharing your favorite fact. Let’s celebrate this day that comes once a year. A mathematical holiday much beloved the world over.

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Geometric Pies for Pi Day!