Exploring Alan Turing’s Fascination with Flowers

This is going to be a simple post for Valentine’s Day. I’ve been doing research into Alan Turing’s work in mathematical biology. I found his work on animal patterns interesting for sure. I think one of those questions we is how the Leopard got its spots. Turing had an answer for that.

Yet, what I find more fascinating is Alan Turing’s interest in the structure of flowers. There is a sketch of Turing as a child in a field with children playing hockey. He is standing on his own staring at a cluster of daises. This image was created by his mother Sarah. You can see it in this article, I didn’t want to re-post it here due to copyright issues.

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A Reflection on the Tenth Anniversary of Numberphile

Trigger Warning: Abuse

Ten Years of Numberphile

Numberphile just reached its tenth anniversary on November 11th, 2021. I can’t believe that I’ve been watching this show for close to a decade. I wasn’t there at the beginning. I didn’t catch on to it until 2012 and officially became a fan after watching the 12-12-12 video on Dozenal

They did a classic Numberphile episode on the number 10 to celebrate the occasion. This led to a discussion on friendly numbers. 

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