Mathematical Cross Stitch Patterns for Pride

I’ve been going through a deep depression which has been compounded by recent world events. I often feel that I have very little to contribute to the world. There are only a few things that I’m very good at. Though I suspect that is true for most people.

I have one mathematics related tattoo that reflects my identity as someone who loves science and who is also queer.

Something so very important to me. I figure that is true for others and that is why I created these pride mathematical cross stitch patterns.

They are math based on the Euler Identity. Widely considered one of the most beautiful equations in mathematics. I know that not everyone feels that way but I wanted to pick something that even a lay person could understand was important. The Euler Identity is a kind of short cut that is universally accepted and known to some people.

I hope you will share this with the people you love and take pride in your LGTBQIA+ and STEM identities.


Asexual Pride Flag (185 downloads)


Transgender Pride Flag (146 downloads)


Non-Binary Flag (158 downloads)


Bisexual Flag (176 downloads)


Pansexual Flag (157 downloads)


LGBTQIA+ Flag (166 downloads)

If you download or make any of these patterns please tell me in the comments.