Love and Logic

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his July marks the second anniversary of my father’s death. My relationship with my father was strained at times but he is the person who made me feel safe. The feelings I have are complex. Underlying all those emotions, I love and miss him. Today, I will share a story from my childhood that shows how affectionate he could be by sharing his love of logic puzzles.

Logic Puzzles Bring Us Together

When we were children, my parents would do puzzles with me and my brother. My mother usually focused on games related to word play. We did lots of cryptograms together. She would also play hangman with us. This was great because it helped build my vocabulary.

With my father, it was different. I have very fond memories of doing logic problems with him. I would sneak into his office while he was working. He would take a break and we would work out a puzzle together. Logic was one of my father’s favorite classes at school. He was good at it too!

He told me the story of taking his logic class in college. On the final exam, my father saw a problem on the test that was incorrect. He understood what answer the teacher was looking for but the problem was poorly written. He went up to the teacher, pointed out this flaw, and left. Of course, he passed the class.

The Consequence of Loving Logic

There was an awesome consequence of doing so many logic puzzles with my dad. My High School history teacher gave us extra credit for completing logic puzzles! I received so much credit that I could fail the final exam and pass. I thought that was pretty cool.

Logic problems are still one of my favorite types of puzzles. I try to grab a puzzle book every month to keep my skills sharp. It reminds me of good times with my father.