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The Story of How I Got This URL

I once thought that I would never get around to doing anything with I didn’t think that I had the knowledge for such an amazing URL. Surely, the destiny of this website would be for some organization or mathematician who could brilliant use it for something positive and good.

I had gotten the URL from GoDaddy of all places. I was using an old SEO technique that doesn’t work anymore. It used to be that you could buy a domain that was being sold that already had high authority in Google Search. I was launching a new business and looking for viable domain names.

Then there among my choices I saw Beauty of Mathematics for $11. I couldn’t believe that it was going for so cheap! So, I bought it like I do hoarding multiple domains for future use.

I did use the wayback machine to see what the website was previously. It looks like it was run by a math teacher sharing their mathematics techniques and lesson plans.

It took me several years before I decided to build my own website. What I needed to understand is that my opinions on mathematics are valid. I don’t need a degree to talk about my experiences and emotions. That is why I steer away from serious math discussions on this blog. I simply do not have the background or knowledge to talk about serious mathematics. Though, I will always share resources to people who can.