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A complete set of Table Top Roleplaying dice.
10 Videos That Show the Secrets of Dice
Critical Role, Dimesion 20, and other actual play shows all show the power of dice. Here are their secrets.
A series of hearts in a representation of the richter scale
A Valentine for Mathematics
Attempting to describe the ways that mathematics touches our hearts. Or the author's specficallly.
The symbol theta in the colors of blue, pink, and green on a white background.
Carnival of Mathematics #221
Carnival of Mathematics #221 from the Aperiodical. These are articles from the month of October in math communications.
A field of the number e in blue on a white background
Fostering Math Confidence and Diversity in Technology
Join us on a journey of breaking stereotypes and supporting inclusivity in Technology,
The symbol for pi on a chalk board surrounded by the first few digits of pi.
Join Me on the Finite Group Math Comm Discord
Finite Group is a team of math communicators well known to the community. They have launched a Discord with monthly live streams.
Graffiti on Brick Wall Says Everything Has Beauty but Not Everyone Can See It
Explore Over 100 Links and Meet the Storytellers Who Bring Mathematics to Life
Unlock the exciting world of mathematics with our comprehensive list of 100+ resources. Including TV shows, podcasts, books, websites, and more. Meet the experts who make math fun and accessible for all.
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