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If you don’t get the title that is okay. Now that The Good Place is coming to the end you can catch up and binge the whole series in one go! But yes, today, I want to talk about ethics. I’m not an expert by any means. Plus, there are so many approaches out there that I don’t want to say that I favor one more than any other. I want to talk about what it is and why it is important in mathematics

In 1999, I was diagnosed with a mood disorder. In the dormitories at UCI, I began experiencing paranoia and anxiety that I had not known before. I dropped out that year to seek help. This is why, as a mental health advocate, that I support Active Minds. College is a vulnerable time; students are away from their parents, creating new support networks, yet feel pressure to succeed – all as their brand new lives unfold in front of them. You may not have heard, but there is a mental health crisis on college campuses, right now.