• Posted: July 21, 2020
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Making a Commitment to Myself

Have you had a bad breakup in your past? I don’t think we ever go through life without at least one. It could be a partner or it could be a friend. In those moments, I try not to blame anyone or focus on things that went wrong. That stuff just leads to anxiety or […]

  • Posted: June 30, 2020
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When is Math not Math?

I sometimes think of mathematics as a language. This notion of the right brain and left brain is a false dichotomy. Cognitive psychology sees processes in our mind as a series of systems that work together. We see this in math anxiety where panic impairs working memory. This is why mathematics is so difficult to […]

  • Posted: December 24, 2019
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The Juxtaposition of Two Math Dreams

I just completed my first quarter of a Post-Bacc mathematics degree. I am fortunate that most of my classes from more than a decade ago were accepted for credit. I think that if things go as planned, that I’ll have my BA by the summer of 2020. That isn’t so bad. I would have completed […]

  • Posted: October 17, 2019
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Alice in Wonderland: Thoughts and Memories on a Classic of Literature

It is fair to say that I am a little obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. This classic of children’s literature is my favorite of the genre. I’ve loved it for a long time. Before I knew that Lewis Carroll was just a pen name for the mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. I do want to say […]

  • Posted: May 30, 2019
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10 Personal Mathematical Myths Undermining My Self Confidence

Mathematical myths are common and when we don’t refute them they become more prevalent. There are people traumatized by mathematics and I am one of them. The wounds come from my own negative self beliefs. People around me reinforced these ideas in my head. So for many years, I believed that I was bad at […]