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Reading Rainbow, The Library, and Me

With all the talk of LeVar Burton lately, I was reminded of my childhood. I think many kids of my generation remember tuning into Reading Rainbow on PBS. I was a kid who loved to read! So, this was one of my favorite shows. I loved hearing the kids review the books. I remember buying a book with a red couch on the cover because of a review

The Story of How I Got This URL

I once thought that I would never get around to doing anything with I didn’t think that I had the knowledge for such an amazing URL. Surely, the destiny of this website would be for some organization or mathematician who could brilliant use it for something positive and good.

I have a story to tell. Like most things like me it is a contradiction. I am an over achiever in many ways but also an under achiever. I was some born with great potential but I’ve lead a modest life. I have a few accomplishments to my name that I treasure. Like getting into the University of Chicago is one of them although it turned into a nightmare for me. I didn’t finish out the term there but I think it is better this way because it lead me to my career as a community manger and remote work. Both of which I’ve benefited from.

I am not a failure

I recently discovered a few volunteer opportunities on LinkedIn. They were through an up called Catch a Fire. The reason why I like this service so much is because they list a lot of copywriting opportunities. I’m trying to build out my portfolio while I look for work. I also found a lot of social media management requests and ultimately that is the one that I applied for.