Category: Interviews

These are interviews with members of the math and science community.

“A Trip to Infinity” Netflix Documentary Streaming Now

What is infinity? I think we get our first sense of it when we are children. I remember being asked what the largest number was. Guessing something only with an adult adding one to get something bigger. Or the times when I upped my parents by telling them I loved them times a million. Infinity […]

Interview with Life Through a Mathematician’s Eyes

One of my favorite blogs to read is Life Though a Mathematician’s Eyes. I was fortunate when the author decided to do a collab with me! I am so honored! Below is my interview with the author. Bio: I am a professional mathematical concept disrupter who believes that the study of mathematics is like air […]

Interview With Nicole Dick of Nausicaa Distribution

I love mathematical themed gifts. I’ve decorated my home in posters, toys, and other elements that reflect my interest in mathematics. In a series of posts, I’m going to chronicle the stores that I frequent to add to my collection.