• Posted: July 16, 2020
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One is the Loneliest Number or Why Harry Nilsson is the Best

Just clearing things up, One is written by a talented musician. His name is Harry Nilsson and has probably penned at least one of your favorite songs. He is the most talented songwriter who most people don’t know. Nilsson recorded a cover of Everybody’s Talkin’ which became the theme to Midnight Cowboy. Ironically, this cover […]

  • Posted: June 8, 2019
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Interview with Life Through a Mathematician’s Eyes

One of my favorite blogs to read is Life Though a Mathematician’s Eyes. I was fortunate when the author decided to do a collab with me! I am so honored! Below is my interview with the author. Bio: I am a professional mathematical concept disrupter who believes that the study of mathematics is like air […]

  • Posted: October 18, 2018
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The Role of Creative Play in Mathematics

Some recent events triggered a depressive episode. For the past week, I’ve been feeling helpless and overwhelmed. I admit that I started losing some hope that things would improve. Luckily, I had a math dream! I think it was my brain’s way of cheering me up. I decided that it would be nice to write […]

  • Posted: June 12, 2018
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It’s Pleasure, Not Passion

In 2014, I took a trip to New York City to see Neil Patrick Harris in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway. There are things we know we have to do or we will regret them forever. I stayed at my favorite hostel in Brooklyn. It’s a great little place, the company is great, […]