Category: Advocacy

Advocacy is an important part of my life as someone who is queer and also lives with a mental illness. These posts cover topics related to mental health and LGBTQIA+ issues. Representation in STEM matters.

Thoughts on Asexuality & Pride 2022

Representation in STEM fields matter I was always interested in mathematics and science from a young age. I really didn’t see anyone like me though. Women are under represented. There are still a lot of gate keepers that prevent and discourage women from pursuing STEM fields. There is still harassment and obstacles for those who […]

The Challenge of Love on the Logarithmic Scale

I was sitting on my twin bed tucked away in the living room of my mother’s apartment. In my early thirties, I  had a fight with my father. Abiding by his rules had pushed me too far. So I moved to Oregon to live with my mom. My family believed that I could only survive […]

Lessons Learned From Mental Health Advocacy & Portland Pride

In 2006, I started a mental health organization at Humboldt State. This group was called NAKED for Mental Health. I can’t tell you what the acronym means—I wanted a title with some shock value. All my friends joined and we put on some activities in the halls.