• Posted: June 8, 2019
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Interview with Life Through a Mathematician’s Eyes

One of my favorite blogs to read is Life Though a Mathematician’s Eyes. I was fortunate when the author decided to do a collab with me! I am so honored! Below is my interview with the author. Bio: I am a professional mathematical concept disrupter who believes that the study of mathematics is like air […]

  • Posted: May 30, 2019
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10 Personal Mathematical Myths Undermining My Self Confidence

Mathematical myths are common and when we don’t refute them they become more prevalent. There are people traumatized by mathematics and I am one of them. The wounds come from my own negative self beliefs. People around me reinforced these ideas in my head. So for many years, I believed that I was bad at […]

  • Posted: April 18, 2019
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My Exciting Trips to London and the Solemn Knowledge I Earned

Today I want to focus on my recent trips to London. They represent some of the most significant moments of my life. I am grateful that I’ve had the means to visit other countries.

For the past few years, I’ve been working on research around writing a biography of G.H. Hardy. Hardy is a far cry from the socially awkward and shy man he appears as in anecdotes. When I look at his actions, his writing, his friendships… I can only think of him warmly.

  • Posted: March 29, 2019
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109 Ways for Enthusiastic Scientists to Engage with the General Public

Enthusiastic Scientists are embracing community building. I feel this as someone searching for their place. My love of mathematics come from a place full of hardships. That makes me want to communicate and connect with others about my experiences. ScienceTalk’s annual conference will focus on community as its primary theme. I may not have a […]

  • Posted: February 14, 2019
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The Challenge of Love on the Logarithmic Scale

I was sitting on my twin bed tucked away in the living room of my mother’s apartment. In my early thirties, I  had a fight with my father. Abiding by his rules had pushed me too far. So I moved to Oregon to live with my mom. My family believed that I could only survive […]