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As I say in my bio, I have a mathematical muse. It seems that every few months that I get new ideas for mathematical patterns. I always want to share these new mathematical cross stitch patterns with others. Maths dovetails with so many interesting crafts like knitting, origami, or art.

When is Math not Math?

I sometimes think of mathematics as a language. This notion of the right brain and left brain is a false dichotomy. Cognitive psychology sees processes in our mind as a series of systems that work together. We see this in math anxiety where panic impairs working memory. This is why mathematics is so difficult to perform under that condition. Mathematical ability is not impaired.

One of the ways that I self-care is to design mathematical cross stitch patterns. The circumstances we are currently in require that we stay at home and social distance. It is a stressful and uncertain time all around the world. I have an anxiety disorder and depression and staying indoors it is easy to ruminate and have panic attacks. Yet, when I am cross stitching that disappears. It requires so much concentration to follow a pattern and count stitches. It doesn’t leave me a lot of time to worry. The other way that I am practicing self-care is staying in touch with friends over video chat. We have been keeping up our regular game nights.

I recently made a decision in time for Pi(π) Day! I am going to make all my mathematical cross stitch patterns free for download. All except my Pride Flage Euler Identity patterns. I am reserving them for my Etsy shop. That was always my intention to sell those items for people like me who want to celebrate their queer identity and their maths/science identity. There are not a lot of items out there that do both. And beautiful people deserve to be represented by a beautiful equation. The shop is currently closed but will open in the next few months.