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Alan Turing was many things. The father of modern computing. A visionary on the future of AI. A Cambridge mathematician. A Word War II hero. He was also a gay man who was unfairly punished under the laws of the time. A victim of injustice. Who may have taken his life as a result.

This is the month to remember his legacy as we celebrate what it means to be Queer.

Making a Commitment to Myself

Have you had a bad breakup in your past? I don’t think we ever go through life without at least one. It could be a partner or it could be a friend. In those moments, I try not to blame anyone or focus on things that went wrong. That stuff just leads to anxiety or self-doubt. It is easy to find some reason to beat up yourself. I am not saying that I can do this but I try to focus on things that I can change to prepare for the next relationship.