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I am not a failure

I recently discovered a few volunteer opportunities on LinkedIn. They were through an up called Catch a Fire. The reason why I like this service so much is because they list a lot of copywriting opportunities. I’m trying to build out my portfolio while I look for work. I also found a lot of social media management requests and ultimately that is the one that I applied for.

A Correction

I was recently featured on a podcast called Alone Together. This podcast is all about the meaning of loneliness as inspired by the pandemic. You see, there was a psychologist who studied the physiological impact of loneliness on the mind and body. It can be surprisingly damaging. I was super psyched to be interviewed for an episode on mathematics.

Well, I’m sure by now that you realize that June is Pride month. It is a month-long celebration of our identities. A time when we parade them for the world to recognize our long history and how beautiful it dang is to be Queer! So, I want to join my LGTBQIA+ fam and talk about my identity and how I understand it as a forty-year-old. I may or may not have some fun insights to share.