Author: Suzza Silver

I’m the writer with a mathematical muse. I love words, numbers, dreaming big & helping others. I believe that whatever you imagine, you can become. They/Them.

Thoughts on Asexuality & Pride 2022

Representation in STEM fields matter

I was always interested in mathematics and science from a young age. I really didn’t see anyone like me though. Women are under represented. There are still a lot of gate keepers that prevent and discourage women from pursuing STEM fields. There is still harassment and obstacles for those who do pursue degrees and those who pursue Phds.

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It’s Time to Talk About the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is one of those famous constants in mathematics. It is a number that appears frequently in nature. This is because things like seeds and petals tend to be Fibonacci numbers. This phenomenon was studied by Alan Turing. A property of them is that when you divide two consecutive Fibonacci numbers you get an approximation of the Golden Ratio.

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