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  • Updated on June 14, 2021

#AceinSTEM Asexuality in Mathematics

Well, I’m sure by now that you realize that June is Pride month. It is a month-long celebration of our identities. A time when we parade them for the world to recognize our long history and how beautiful it dang is to be Queer! So, I want to join my LGTBQIA+ fam and talk about my identity and how I understand it as a forty-year-old. I may or may not have some fun insights to share. 

I want to recognize that we still live in a country where people fear for their lives to come out. Being out is a privilege that not everyone has. It is my hope as an advocate and ally to create a world where we can all be ourselves without fear of reprisal. 

I’ve never marched in a parade but that is because I am an introvert. *lol* I don’t mind staying at home and sitting this one out. I hope everyone can celebrate in the way that is safest for them. I did really like the inclusivity of this Blue’s Clues video. 

What Asexuality Means to Me

Well, this is from my perspective and it may not be the Asexuality 101 definition. As I understand Asexuality, is a sexual orientation. That may not make sense to you but it is. Sexuality is on a spectrum. 

I knew at a young age that I was bisexual. I was attracted to men and women equally. What I didn’t understand was that I didn’t experience sexual desire. I assumed because the media presents romantic and sexual attraction as the same that I also operated the way. Not so!

I first perceived a feeling that I call desire in my mid-thirties unexpectedly. I realized quickly that I am a gray-asexual. It is still pretty low-level except in a few cases. But that is just me. There are a variety of experiences in the Asexuality community. We’ve got our own sub-culture and customs

Don’t Do this

Why You May like G.H Hardy If You Are Asexual

Hardy is my favorite mathematician. He is the author of “A Mathematician’s Apology” which is widely regarded as one of the best books on the beauty of mathematics. We don’t know a lot about him and his sexuality. What we do know comes from anecdotes. 

His frequent collaborator John Edensor Littlewood described Hardy as a non-practicing homosexual. There is no history or knowledge of Hardy having any romantic or sexual relationships. How Littlewood knew this must have been through private conversations between the two men. What we do know is that Hardy had a string of platonic relationships with young men at Cambridge. The true nature of these relationships is unknown. 

The only other real insight we may have on this topic is an infamous quote from a Hardy lecture on Srinivasa Ramanujan.

“… my association with him is the one romantic incident in my life.”

I have long ruminated on the exact meaning of this sentence. We have notions of romance in our minds from poetry and novels. Movies, plays, and musicals. That is one interpretation of what that word means. I think there are many ways in which we could feel romantically moved by others. We certainly know from my definition above that does not necessarily include sexual feelings.

These are traits that I recognize from my own experiences. While we know Hardy is a homosexual, I think he is a very asexual friendly one. We can take comfort in knowing that we should not feel the pressure of sexual relationships. That we can be successful in our field no matter our orientation. 

Pride Gifts for Yourself or Others

I did make a few purchases on Etsy for Pride this year.

Here are my favorites in case you want to make a purchase. 

This was the ultimate find! It is three things in one. It represents my non-binary, asexual, and mathematics identity. All in a singular pin. 

You can get this from The Pin Prick

Right, life isn’t complete with just a pin accessory. 

I also picked up these pronoun earrings from Obsessories LA.

The Future of This Blog

So let’s acknowledge that I haven’t written on this blog since December. I don’t think that this blog is going to be the main focus for me right now. Things have shifted in my personal life in such a way that I can’t dedicate myself to a regular writing schedule. Although, I will always write here from time to time as I feel like it. This is an outlet for talking about mathematics and that is a topic that I can go on for hours. 

Not out of ideas, just out of time. 

Here are a few things that I am doing. 

Welcome to the New Theme

Yeah, I’ve built a new WordPress theme for the website. I like having something unique that doesn’t look like everything else around. Web development has always been a hobby of mine. I’ve recently started looking into React and fallen in love with building applications. I am starting to see how I can build some of the things that I’ve always wanted. Mostly better data visualization tools pulling in data from API.

I’ll be keeping a diary of my progress at  

Volunteering with Science Talk

I’ll be contributing to the Science Talk blog. Mostly on topics surrounding SEO and Social Media for Science Communicators. It’s about the only thing that I’m qualified to do as I’ve been doing it for a decade for a myriad of small businesses and myself. My goal is to help people develop strategies that save them time and promote them in the best way possible. 

Focusing on Suzza Studio

The main focus of my time and efforts is on my Freelance Content Marketing blog Suzza Studio. Since losing my job in March, I have had to focus on getting writing gigs. I decided to take a break from Community Management because it was burning me out. I couldn’t handle the racist and transphobic comments we were receiving. Moderation on the internet is not for the faint-hearted. 

You can see my portfolio and writing clips at

Blog Network

You might see that strip at the top of the website and wonder what that means. It is just a way to link together my separate blogs and activities. Like, there is a reason to have separate websites for different topics. That is mostly because people interested in SEO aren’t necessarily interested in mathematics or mental health. I want those individual websites to rank well but also stay connected under the umbrella of my authorship. So that strip at the top is a way of enticing people who may be interested in the other topics that I’m writing about. 

The last website that I’m working on is which is about Mental Health. 

Embracing All of Me

What this all about is embracing every part of myself. Isn’t that what pride is all about! I am looking forward to connecting with more people through my writing.