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Stamp from India featuring the mathematician Ramanujan
It's National Mathematics Day in India
India celebrates National Mathematics Day on December 22nd every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of the legendary mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Join in the festivities and celebrate the importance of mathematics in our daily lives!
The notation for sigma e in colors of pink and green on a white background
15 Creative Mathematical Cross Stitch Patterns for Math & Science Enthusiasts
Discover 15 math-inspired cross stitch patterns in this post. Enjoy expressing your passion for science or exploring a new hobby with these fun designs. With simple tutorials and beautiful patterns, this is a great way to unwind and stay occupied during uncertain times.
The math symbol theta in blue colors on a white background
The Role of Creative Play in Mathematics
Discover how creative play can enhance your understanding of math and improve your skills. Join the author on their journey of finding joy in algebra through self-made games, and learn the importance of imagination in learning any craft.
The math symbol theta in pink, green, and blue colors on a white background
The Surprising Truth About G.H. Hardy
Discover the truth about G.H. Hardy. This is a challenge to the notion that he was cold and shy. Proposing that he was an introvert. Join us as we debunk the myths surrounding this brilliant mathematician.
The mathematical notation for sigma in pink and green on a white background
What Math Anxiety Feels Like
Discover what it feels like to experience math anxiety and the societal consequences it can have on both those who love math and those who struggle with it. This blog explores personal experiences with math anxiety.
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