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A field of the number e in blue on a white background
Fostering Math Confidence and Diversity in Technology
Join us on a journey of breaking stereotypes and supporting inclusivity in Technology,
Theta in colors of blue on a white background
Math and Science Tattoo Inspiration with Dr. Tom Crawford
Explore Dr. Tom Crawford's math and science tattoos, along with insights into his unique approach to tattoo design and its impact on math communication.
A man is speaking through a tin can phone
What Is Math Communications? an Existential Question
Reflections on the math communication community and the upcoming Talking Maths in Public conference.
The Euler Identity e to the i pi equals zero.
Pride Cross Stitch Patterns Celebrating the Beauty of Math
Celebrate your love of mathematics and embrace your queer identity with these stunning pride cross stitch patterns. Featuring the most beautiful equation in math, the Euler Identity.
The notation sigma in multiple shades of blue on a white background
Math Communications as Rebellion
Explore the power of math communication as a form of rebellion, overcoming trauma, and fostering a supportive community. Uncover the importance of math communication and the potential it holds for transforming lives.
Graffiti on Brick Wall Says Everything Has Beauty but Not Everyone Can See It
Explore Over 100 Links and Meet the Storytellers Who Bring Mathematics to Life
Unlock the exciting world of mathematics with our comprehensive list of 100+ resources. Including TV shows, podcasts, books, websites, and more. Meet the experts who make math fun and accessible for all.
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