A Correction

I was recently featured on a podcast called Alone Together. This podcast is all about the meaning of loneliness as inspired by the pandemic. You see, there was a psychologist who studied the physiological impact of loneliness on the mind and body. It can be surprisingly damaging. I was super psyched to be interviewed for an episode on mathematics.

I was very pleased with how everything turned out but I do have one regret. Insisting that the beauty of mathematics lies in its truth. I felt the need to make a correcton.

Truth is a very romantic thought and it sounds great as a quote. But this is a naive and idealist perspective. Mathematics is still subject to bias. It can be political. People make real decisions about who or who not to study. What mathematical perspectives matter. etc.

So, I want to say sorry for presenting such a view to listeners who may not be so involved with mathematics. If you want to understand the issues that I’m talking about you cannot do better than this Twitter thread from Michole Enjoli.

Please follow Michole Enjoli on Twitter. Well worth it!