The Moment I Became a Writer

There is a passage in A Mathematician’s Apology that always sticks we me. Hardy talks about his youth. He tells us that he did not choose mathematics because he was passionate or for noble reasons. He realized that he could beat the other boys for scholarships and exam scores. He says he did not become […]

Is Mathematics Lonely?

I think it is perceived this way. I wanted to pose this question to others. I cannot speak as an expert on mathematics. I’m not a mathematician and I haven’t done a PhD. Though I would like to hear the answer from someone who has. I am an expert on loneliness as someone who has […]

“A Trip to Infinity” Netflix Documentary Streaming Now

What is infinity? I think we get our first sense of it when we are children. I remember being asked what the largest number was. Guessing something only with an adult adding one to get something bigger. Or the times when I upped my parents by telling them I loved them times a million. Infinity […]

Mathematical Cross Stitch Patterns for Pride

I’ve been going through a deep depression which has been compounded by recent world events. I often feel that I have very little to contribute to the world. There are only a few things that I’m very good at. Though I suspect that is true for most people.

Thoughts on Asexuality & Pride 2022

Representation in STEM fields matter I was always interested in mathematics and science from a young age. I really didn’t see anyone like me though. Women are under represented. There are still a lot of gate keepers that prevent and discourage women from pursuing STEM fields. There is still harassment and obstacles for those who […]

It’s Time to Talk About the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is one of those famous constants in mathematics. It is a number that appears frequently in nature. This is because things like seeds and petals tend to be Fibonacci numbers. This phenomenon was studied by Alan Turing. A property of them is that when you divide two consecutive Fibonacci numbers you get […]

10 Pi Day Projects : Mathematical Cross Stitch Patterns

The mathematics world celebrates Pi Day on 3.14! I hope you are enjoying the special day. There should be a lot of Pi mathematical content all over the web today. Traditionally, you should get yourself a slice of pie to eat. Today, I want to offer up some Pi themed mathematical cross stitch patterns for […]

Exploring Alan Turing’s Fascination with Flowers

This is going to be a simple post for Valentine’s Day. I’ve been doing research into Alan Turing’s work in mathematical biology. I found his work on animal patterns interesting for sure. I think one of those questions we is how the Leopard got its spots. Turing had an answer for that. Yet, what I […]

Love & Mathematics Music Playlist

A long time ago now, I made a mix tape for a mathematician that only included mathematically related songs. I didn’t keep a copy of that mix unfortunately. I’ve tried to recreate it on Spotify. This list includes more than the original though as I’ve added some new songs over time as well as included […]