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Évariste Galois and His Connection to Les Misérables

Galois is a well-known mathematician, but not for the reasons you would expect. First exposure usually goes along with the story of his death. He passed away in 1832 at the age of 20 from wounds suffered in a duel. His last words to his […]


Dice Science with Professor Persi Diaconis and Numberphile

Without a doubt, dice mean a lot to me as role-player. The most successful community activity at TSR is the sharing of dice collections. They are so deeply personal. I wrote an article on Multiverse which takes these thoughts further. Revealing the origin of the […]

Top 7 Favorite Numberphile Videos

I got into a bit of an argument at work the other day. I needed a distraction. So I turned to Numberphile, my favorite YouTube channel. Here are my picks for my top 7 videos. 1. Base 12 One of the more poplar videos to […]

A Walk Through the Mind of Srinivasa Ramanujan

The mathematician G.H. Hardy said his time with Srinivasa Ramanujan was “the one romantic incident in my life.” When I first read that quote, I personally pegged Hardy as an idealist. Someone who understands what it means to fall in love with the machinations of […]

Expressing Complex Maths Using Crochet

Alan Turing, a mathematician with many talents. The existence of hyperbolic crochet is perhaps the best known example of mathematical crochet, but it only touches the surface of what crochet can represent. For example, an easy crochet project for beginners is a rectangular scarf. If […]

Evelyn Lamb Calls for a Math Poetry Month Celebration in April

Evelyn Lamb explains the history of the cubic equation and how it inspired classical poetry. April is mathematics awareness month and poetry awareness month. Source: The Cubic Equation as Poetry – Scientific American Blog Network

Prime Numbers, Riemann Hypothesis, and Zeta

Free download available from Cambridge Press of a Book in the making by Barry Mazur and William Stein on the Riemann Hypothesis. It aims to be the most simple explanation of the importance of the Riemann Hypothesis for those without a mathematical background. But of […]